abhi agarwal

I love teaching and learning. Sometimes I write it down. Some of my writings are very confusing, and very personal to me. These might not make sense to anyone else, but I use these writings to express my feelings.

longer writings

The very brief history of the Computer Science

How TEDActive changed me

[email protected]’s internal Infrastructure team

shorter writings on software


Descriptions on some pieces of technology. Like a cheatsheet!


How to use internet through a server you have laying around.

linux shortcuts

Shortcuts I usually use.

code optimizations

Code optimizations I have learnt during my course in compiler theory.

personal writing

my view on God

How I feel about God.

being intimidated

My feelings about not being intimidated by anyone's accomplishments.

thoughts on specialization

Should I spend time learning different languages or should I try and specialize in one? What does it mean for me to specialize, and should I do it.

side projects (in progress)

Why I think side-projects are important.